​​​​Bloomf​ield ​Police Department


  1. GENERAL RESTRICTIONS. ​​It shall be a violation of this code for any person to park any vehicle or any kind or description during any time of the day or night inclusive, upon any roadway, public or private, is said private road is held out for use by the public, so as to cause obstruction of plowing, or block traffic, or inhibit traffic flow for emergency purposes.
  2. OVERNIGHT PARKING.  Overnight parking on roadways between the hours of 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. is prohibited.
  3. SNOW EMERGENCY AND PARKING RESTRICTIONS.  No person shall park, place or leave standing any automobile, truck or other vehicle, except an emergency vehicle, on or within five (5) feet of any street or public way after a two (2) inch snowfall.  There is hereby declared an emergency to exist in the Village of Bloomfield by reason of a heavy snowstorm whenever snow falls during any period of twenty-four (24) hours or less to depth of two (2) inches or more in that such storm constitutes a serious public hazard impairing transportation, the movement of food, fuel supplies, medical care, fire, health, police protection, snow removal equipment and other vital facilities of the Village.  Snow emergency is declared to continue until such time as snow-plowing operations have been declared completed.

​Bloomfield Winter Parking Restrictions